Media and Events

Juiced TV - Cars of the Future

In 2019 I was a guest presenter, alongside Michael Milford, on Juiced TV. We explored self-driving vehicles and how they could autonomously navigate an environment. In this episode we were able to show off the 3rd-Gen Carlie platform with a teach and repeat demo.

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Brain Buzz - Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018 I was a guest presenter on Brain Buzz, a children’s TV show produced by Channel Nine. We explored what makes up an autonomous vehicle and talked about some of the research developments coming out of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. We ran a demonstration that showed how poor weather conditions can wreak havoc on state-of-the-art vision system.

Self-Driving Cars - Making an Ethical Choice

This 20 minute engaging presentation ran several times during Robotronica 2017. We explored the ethical challenges facing AI-based systems using the famous Trolley Problem. The audience determined the outcome of several scenarios by voting with their mobile phones.

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